Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SKOATCH? How does SKOATCH work?

    SKOATCH allows you to generate complete articles from a single word:

    • You enter the relevant keywords (or article ideas) for your site or business into the tool.
    • Skoatch takes over for each article and handles everything else:
      • Identifying a relevant and optimized title to position in search results
      • Writing the content, taking into account the top pages already positioned in search results
      • Adding bold, italics, value lists and/or tables if appropriate
      • Identifying the article category
      • Managing internal linking by inserting internal links to your other articles in the same category
      • Creating and inserting a unique featured image that perfectly matches your article
      • Adding a video if requested
      • Publishing or scheduling articles on your Wordpress site

    Check out the YouTube channel for a more comprehensive view of what SKOATCH can bring you.

  • What are the benefits of using SKOATCH for content creation?

    SKOATCH allows you to plan your site's content from A to Z. The content is entirely generated by the tool and can be automatically sent to your site, including images. Once your request is initiated in SKOATCH, you have nothing more to do until it is published on your site.
    For site editors, agencies, and generally anyone managing a network of sites, SKOATCH being a SaaS, it allows you to manage the content of all your sites (and those of your clients) from a single space accessible with a simple internet connection.

  • Who is SKOATCH for?

    SKOATCH is for:

    • E-commerce businesses looking to optimize their online presence by publishing articles on their store's blog
    • People who need to regularly update their site without spending hours on it
    • Site editors with several sites to regularly update with content, without having to spend hours on each site, whether they are Money Sites or PBN
    • SEO agencies wanting to regularly publish new articles on their clients' portfolio sites

  • In which languages can Skoatch write articles?

    Skoatch allows you to generate articles in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, and Swedish.

  • What are the different pricing plans for SKOATCH?

    5 plans are available, in the form of credits. All plans allow you to generate complete articles (text, images, personas, videos, internal linking, SEO optimizations, publication). The cost per article decreases based on the number of credits purchased. All packages also give access to all article generation sources, from the classic "keyword"/"title" to entered URLs, including the possibility to connect to an RSS feed.

  • How much does an article cost?

    An article corresponds to 10 credits. The price of a credit varies depending on the number of credits purchased, from €0.89 excl. VAT to €1.64 excl. VAT, all inclusive.
    Rates are displayed on the dedicated page.

  • How much does it cost to add a featured image?

    This option is included in the generation of an article and does not incur any additional cost.

  • How much does it cost to add a video?

    This option is included in the generation of an article and does not incur any additional cost.

  • How much does it cost to add internal links?

    This option is included in the generation of an article and does not incur any additional cost.

  • How much does it cost to automatically publish/schedule an article to my Wordpress site?

    This option is included in the generation of an article and does not incur any additional cost.

  • How much does it cost to use the "Scrape the Serp" option?

    This option is included in the generation of an article and does not incur any additional cost. However, the option is only available from certain credit packages.

  • How long are my credits valid?

    There is no expiration date associated with your credits.

  • Where can I get help if I have a problem or want to ask a question? How do I contact support?

    Support is reachable directly by chat, at the bottom left of your SKOATCH workspace, or through our contact form. We usually respond within a few minutes, if not within 24 business hours, directly by chat or by email.
    You can also contact us on our social networks.

  • Does SKOATCH provide regular updates with new features?

    Yes, new features and improvements are regularly added to the solution. They are directly communicated on SKOATCH's social networks.

  • How does SKOATCH choose images and videos for articles?

    Images are created based on the topic of your article. For videos, they are extracted from YouTube based on the topic of your article and integrated into your content.

  • Can I add my own images or videos to the generated articles?

    It is possible to add images and videos directly from the editor accessible by clicking on an article. However, it generally offers fewer possibilities than your CMS editor (especially Wordpress), so it is often more beneficial to make modifications once the article is published on your site.

  • Are Skoatch images unique?

    Yes, the images generated by SKOATCH are 100% unique and have been created solely for your article.

  • What is the word count for the generated articles?

    Articles range from 700 to 1300 words, with an average between 750 and 950 words.

  • How does SKOATCH generate articles from keywords?

    Article generation uses OpenAI's artificial intelligence, particularly OpenAI's GPT. Driven by SKOATCH and coupled with proprietary algorithms developed for SKOATCH, complemented by SERP analysis, the generated articles aim to be human-like and optimized to maximize traffic.

  • What is SERP analysis (Scrape the Serp option) and how does it help my content stand out?

    This option allows our robots to look at the best results in the Google search engine for the keyword you are targeting. SKOATCH then uses this to optimize the content it will offer you.
    Note that depending on the results in the SERP, this can sometimes create less relevant articles or even off-topic compared to your expectations.

  • Can I customize the style or tone of the generated articles?

    Yes, it is possible using the "Persona" feature to make the text unique so that it matches your target audience and editorial line.

  • How does SKOATCH optimize articles for Google Discover?

    Beyond the in-house algorithms used for all articles, special work is done on the titles to make them more attractive and click-worthy. The image format is also optimized, with a systematic width of 1200px.

  • How does Skoatch's internal linking work?

    SKOATCH inspects the articles already online on your site and particularly their categories. Based on the requested article topics, SKOATCH identifies the most relevant articles already published on your site to link in the target category, as well as the most interesting natural anchors.
    The latest articles published on your site are automatically identified by SKOATCH once a day.

  • Can I add external links to the requested articles?

    Yes, it is possible to request the addition of links in the articles. Simply make your request as usual, but add your link request afterward in the form [[|myanchor]].
    You can request 2 links per article.
    Adding the link will be effective in the vast majority of cases, but there may be some exceptions depending on the URL or anchor requested.

  • How long does it take to generate an article?

    On average, an article without an image takes less than 5 minutes to be written.
    An article with an image takes on average between 5 and 20 minutes.
    Finally, an article with 2 images takes between 10 and 30 minutes.
    These averages are approximate and are given for informational purposes only.

  • Is it possible to customize instructions/prompts?

    Yes, it is quite possible. By setting up one or more personas corresponding to your sites on the one hand, and by adding individual instructions when requesting the generation of an article on the other.

  • Does SKOATCH support different content management systems (CMS)?

    You can copy/paste the content generated from SKOATCH to your site, regardless of the technology it uses. If you use Wordpress, articles can be published and scheduled directly from SKOATCH automatically.

  • Can I publish articles directly to my Wordpress site? Schedule them?

    Yes, you can publish and schedule your articles to your Wordpress site directly from SKOATCH. You can also choose to publish as a draft to review your content before publication.

  • What is the "Write an article from a URL" option?

    SKOATCH allows you to generate content from a web page, using the content as inspiration to create a new unique article for your site. See this video for more details..

  • What is the "Write an article from an RSS feed" option?

    SKOATCH allows you to generate content from articles on another website, using the content as inspiration to create completely unique articles for your site.

  • What is the "Write an article from a text" option?

    SKOATCH allows you to generate new content from a text you provide as input. The resulting article will be unique.